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400 years ago, explorer Dirk Hartog discovered SHARK BAY, WESTERN AUSTRALIA…. And today, it is still untouched, RUGGED and REMOTE as it was when he first stumbled upon this INCREDIBLE COASTLINE on 25th October 1616.

The VOYAGE of DISCOVERY Cruise takes you on a journey to STEEP POINT, the most westerly point of Australia and to the southern end of DIRK HARTOG ISLAND, named after our most famous explorer. The crew will be searching for all the amazing and endangered marine life and HUMPBACK WHALES who pass our coast during the winter months.

For ADVENTURE SEEKERS who are willing to cruise the seas and ENCOUNTER life like past explorers, jump on board to ENJOY this EXTRAORDINARY ‘bucket list’ EXPERIENCE.


8.00am Denham Jetty. Step aboard ARISTOCAT 2, our awesome 17 metre CATAMARAN and set sail on a voyage to STEEP POINT, the MOST WESTERLY POINT of AUSTRALIA.

The crew will be on the constant look out for HUMPBACK WHALES and other ENDANGERED marine life who play in this incredibly untouched SHARK BAY WORLD HERITAGE AREA.

Around 11.00am – Cruise through SOUTH PASSAGE to look back at an INCEDIBLE scene of this DRAMATIC and dangerous COASTLINE on the most westerly point of AUSTRALIA.

Around 12 noon – Lunch at one of the gorgeous SECLUDED bays on DIRK HARTOG ISLAND. Take the plunge and SNORKEL in crystal clear, TURQUOISE WATERS. Step ashore and EXPLORE the beach for NATURE’S TREASURES, or just kick back and relax breathing in the FRESH SALTY AIR, listening to the SOUNDS of NATURE.

Around 3.00pm – A leisurely cruise back to civilization, with the BEAUTIFUL PANORAMA of LAND and SEA to ENJOY, as the crew keep an eye out for some of the 230 species of BIRDLIFE and AMAZING MARINE LIFE playing in NATURE’S AQUARIUM.

CELEBRATE the day and jump into the boom net for a revitalizing, ENERGIZING SALT SPA experience. QUENCH your thirst in the OCEAN LOUNGE BAR with a REFRESHING ale as you cruise back with the SETTING SUN… and back to civilization.

Around 6.00pm – Step ashore BUZZING with EXCITEMENT from this “BUCKET LIST” EXPERIENCE, enjoyed in the SHARK BAY WORLD HERITAGE Area of PERFECT NATURE.

Includes morning & afternoon tea, lunch, tea, coffee and water + 1 alcoholic beverage.

Additional alcoholic & soft drinks available to purchase from the ocean lounge bar on board.

What to Bring: Warm & cool clothing, camera, sunscreen, hat, reef shoes, swimming gear, snorkel gear and a bucket full of fun and adventure!

Shark Bay is known for its blue skies and wonderful weather, but it can be unpredictable (windy etc.), to a glass off (dreamily calm). Luckily, Aristocat 2 catamaran is shipshape, comfortable and designed to handle whatever weather nature decides to dish up on the day.

All activities and times are weather dependent and at skipper’s discretion.


Adult – $365
Child – $280 (5-15 years, no children under 5 unless by prior arrangement)



1800 030 427


Includes morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea

8.00am – Step aboard Aristocat 2 for an awesome adventure as you explore the complete coastline of Francois Peron National Park. Rich red cliffs, white beach sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters… the picture perfect image of Shark Bay.

The crew will be on the constant lookout for the abundant marine who live and play in the 2 bays, like dugongs, dolphins, manta rays, loggerhead turtles, and humpback whales. They will also be seeking out some of the 240 species of birdlife in the area, such as kestrels, pied cormorants, the banded stilt, eastern curlew and many more amazing and endangered species.

You get the opportunity to feel the sand between your toes and take a stroll along one of the beaches to discover some of nature’s treasures, swim or snorkel in nature’s garden and spot fish flashing in and out of the reef (weather dependent). Jump into the boom net for an energising salt spa experience, or just kick back and relax, listening to the sounds of nature as you explore this incredible coast by boat.

Around 4.00pm- Step ashore. (Return bus if required).

What to Bring: Warm & cool clothing, camera, sunscreen, hat, reef shoes, swimming gear, snorkel gear and a bucket full of fun and adventure!

All activities and times are weather dependent and at skipper’s discretion.

Adult – $275
Child – $195 (7-15 years, children must be 7 years or over)
Concession –  $250 (Aussie Senior card)

Bus Transfers: to be requested at additional charge.



1800 030 427


1.30pm - 6.30pm

Includes afternoon tea (+1 complimentary alcoholic drink for the grownups and 1 soft drink for kids).

Take a voyage of discovery and circumnavigate Francois Peron National Park by boat. A casual, cruisy trip cuddling the coastline to experience the scenic calmness of nature sailing over water.

Wulyibidi (Peron Peninsula) has been lived on by the Aboriginal people for about 25 000 years. The national park is named after French naturalist and explorer Francois Peron due to his contribution to Australia’s natural and social history.


12.30pm: *Bus Transfer (by request)

1.30pm: Monkey Mia Jetty. Step aboard Aristocat 2, at the Monkey Mia jetty and set sail to Denham, circumnavigating the whole of Francois Peron National Park by boat. It’s where rich red cliffs, sandy white beach sand and crystal clear turquoise water, create the picture perfect, postcard image of Shark Bay.

Cruise over nature’s aquarium, with this creatively photogenic coastline for the backdrop. The crew will be on the continuous lookout for dugongs, dolphins, manta rays, loggerhead turtles and during August – October, humpback whales.

As you round the top of Cape Peron, you see where the ocean and bay unite, which can create dangerous currents and where the shipwreck of the Gudrun came to grief in 1901.

Jump joyfully into the boom net for a great adrenalin rush and an energising salt spa experience.

Kick back and relax, listening out for the tuneful tones of the Chiming Wedgebill, as you search skyward for some of the other 230 species of birds who live in the bay.

Celebrate the day with a refreshing ale from the Ocean Lounge Bar, enjoying the stunning sight of the sunset in the west to reflect vibrant colours on the sea, as you cruise back to civilization.

Around 6.30pm: Denham jetty- Step ashore re-energised, revitalized and relaxed with a “Bucket List” experience ticked off by an awesome adventure, in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area of Perfect Nature…

Adult – $175
Child – $95 (7-16 years)
Concession – $150 (Aussie Senior card)
Family – $495 (2 Adults + 2 Children 7-17yrs)

Transport: Please notify us if you’d like to book the bus to take you out to Monkey Mia for the cruise or take you back to Monkey Mia and the end of the cruise. (Additional Cost)

Bus: 12.30pm – Discovery Centre – Monkey Mia
Bus: 7.00pm – Discovery Centre – Monkey Mia

All activities and times are weather dependent and at skipper’s discretion.



1800 030 427


  • Outdoor & indoor seating, for all weather conditions
  • Viewing vantage points around the entire boat
  • Underwater observation windows
  • Boomnet
  • Wheelchair access all around the boat and wheelchair accessible toilet
  • Indoor fully licensed lounge bar, catering facilities and reverse cycled air-conditioning
  • Can carry up to 48 passengers on a day trip

The yacht was big, spacious, plenty of room even for large crowd. Lots of different viewing experiences and areas. Friendly and knowledgable staff who were passionate and experienced. The pearl farm was very interesting and the aristocrat 2 is the only yacht able to do this in shark bay. Aristocrat 2 is also the only yacht able to sail into the restricted area so can Have more opportunity to see more wildlife. Saw huge loggerhead turtles, lots of Dolphins, dugong! Was a relaxed, enjoyable experience that's a must do for all ages.


“A must do at monkey Mia”

We had an awesome day on the Aristocat 2! We saw whales, dolphins, turtles and a dugong. Really enjoyed the pearl farm and had an awesome time in the boom nets. Highly recommend to anyone making the trip to Monkey Mia.


“Amazing trip Highly recommended”


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